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  1. Helen Hill
    Helen Hill June 3, 2013 at 9:08 pm

    Some sense in this article, good to see the concept of Public Goods applied, of which Development Assistance is part, but the problematique is still wrong, the meaning of terms like ‘extreme poverty’ and ‘poverty reduction’ is still difficult to comprehend in societies which have for centuries met their needs through subsistence production. In the Pacific (and Timor-Leste) its got to be about the relationship between the subsistence sector and cash markets and knowledge, attitudes and skills and how they can be mobilized, rather than how much money is available for a project.

    People forget where the Millenium Development Goals came from, all the World Conferenes held in the 1990s, since there hasn’t been another set of such conferences it will be difficult to mobilise the consensus needed for another group, also, as the article points out, now different countries have widely differing intersts. It is such a pity that Pacific Studies is not taught in many Australian universities as people are graduating with no knowledge of the particularieis of these countries and many mistakes were made by Australia’s lack of knowledge of its closest neighbours. Land tenure is one issue which has not satisfactorily been solved in any country in the region, or in Australia for that matter.

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