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  1. E. John Blunt
    E. John Blunt January 15, 2012 at 2:03 pm

    The referenced policy brief should be required reading for all development partners, scholars and practitioners working in Public Finance Management (PFM) and related areas, including public procurement.

    While political economy analysis is highly relevant to the design and implementation of new initiatives to strengthen Central Finance Authorities (CFA), it is equally relevant to current initiatives.

    Concepts such as fully understanding the drivers and dynamics of the reform process, the importance of mobilizing internal capabilities, the full engagement of leaders/stakeholders, focus on ‘best fit’ rather than ‘best practice’ models, the importance of effective change management and project management practices, and focus on human resources management are fundamental to any sustainable reform.

    I look forward to development partners, scholars and practitioners using a political economy analysis in their design and implementation of PFM/CFA strengthening efforts.

    E. John Blunt is a Procurement and Institutional Expert with extensive experience in leading public procurement reforms in a variety of international development environments. He is currently working with the Southern African Development Community Secretariat in Botswana.

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