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PNG should stop this aid immediately as there are too many strings attached.
This aid is creating jobs for aging aussie work force and protecting their economic interets up here such as Kokoda Track. Insensitive to png cultural, social and economic issues caused aussie tech advisers to be insignificant in png development issues.

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Yes, thanks for a fine contribution. Have you seen the post on GAB about the PNG phones against corruption program?

Curious as to your thoughts. I thought one of its promising features was instant feedback to those filing a report.

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A fascinating post, thank you Caryn. It seems that the use of social norms could be highly relevant to fighting corruption, as the links I've provided show .,,

An example of successful use of social norms is the UK behavioural economics unit study which showed that the most successful letter to people who were late in handing in their tax returns was one which stated that "9 out of 10 taxpayers pay their tax on time".

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Hi Natalie - if you are experiencing a technical problem with the survey loading inside this page, you can also try going to the dedicated link:

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The survey seems to be stuck on political party

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Thanks Sam

It would be better to review the bilateral relationships agreement between Australia and PNG and see where direct budgetary support or program aid is mattered to both parties. Either aid funds channelled through Treasury or on development program, it serves the same purpose.

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Presumably the book mentions ADAB, the Australian Development Assistance Bureau, and AIDAB, the Australian International Development Assistance Bureau, which filled the space in between ADAA and AusAID.

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Hi Amanda
Thanks for pointing out the facts from a well researched article.PC has totally put to shame PNG as a country with its misleading poorly researched dangerous information.
But,PC did hit a point ,the trend of Phornography in PNG is really growing,even the 75% of the illitrate rural population are viewing Phorn through Cheaply sold Asians Phones via bluetoth and other sharing device.

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This article touches on the real issues. No one authority is bothering to look at any holistic objectives being set and then maintained and therefore taking an overarching view of what aid money is supposed to achieve.

Secondly, the three year scramble for political new agendas in Australia leaves very little in the way of continuity of purpose.

Thirdly, only those in Australia that have an active interest in overseas aid are in any way interested in what the government at the time is doing and why? This means that any Minister with any responsibility under any nominal overseas aid program is virtually unaccountable and never really takes any detailed interest in the program. Their PR unit and staff merely seek to impress on a shallow level of sweeping statements and quotes on total funding without any long term planning being undertaken or reviewed. The Australian press seem totally fixated on the sensational without much thought being given to the informative.

Finally, the former head of the PNG Anti-Corruption Unit summed it up recently after the current PNG government (that reportedly is totally cash strapped), wanted an injection of Australian funds just before the next general election in order, one might suggest, to quickly distribute the largesse to buy votes via handouts to their loyal supporters. Sam Koim wrote: “Give PNG what they need, not what they want.’

What is needed is a desire to mold all those who are interested in what Australia can achieve in terms of overseas aid together into a viable, effective and objective team. There's the challenge for the Minister and today's government.

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As a comparator, you can see a less happy trend in NZ on page 2 here: