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  1. Peter Graves
    Peter Graves August 26, 2016 at 12:25 pm

    Thanks to Bob and Robin, for this important outline of the on-going deadly effects of landmines.

    My associated – but coincidental – letter (following) in the Australian Financial Review of 22 August has not drawn any responses:
    “Thanks for the reminder of the generation of Afghans “Leaving Afghanistan” (Review, p8, AFR 19 August). Despite Afghanistan’s unpromising future, Australia’s help for its civilians was reduced by 40% in 2015-16: from $131 million in 2014-15 to $78 million.

    A good purpose of Australia’s overseas assistance is clearing landmines, especially in Afghanistan. Landmines and other explosives kill and injure civilians long after conflict ends. Their presences reduce the economic potential of affected areas as land and resources remain unusable for growing food or generating income, and restricting access to market routes and infrastructure.

    In 2012–13, Australia’s contribution resulted in 4.14 square kilometres of contaminated land being cleared, directly benefiting 102,465 people. New mines are constantly added as territorial control shifts between Afghan government forces and militia groups, and there are more than 4,300 minefields remaining.

    With our help, the Afghan people can walk their land in safety. It’s not mission accomplished – more please.”

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