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  1. Nigel
    Nigel June 27, 2016 at 7:00 pm

    Hi Paul and Camilla,
    Yes, I think that Paul has a point the money needs to be well spent as the first priority. However, the answer is not just to cut it until there is nothing. When done properly, development funding serves a to benefit not just the country receiving the funds but Australia also receives stable, friendly and co-operative neighbors. I believe that is a good thing!

  2. Paul Oates
    Paul Oates June 27, 2016 at 9:03 am

    The real issue is not how much should be ‘given’ but how the amount ‘given’ actually helps those who it is supposed to be helping. The recent Senate Report highlights the question of accountability for results of Australia’s overseas aid as opposed to simply ‘spend!, spend!, spend!’. Funny how no one of any persuasion seems to be prepared to take up the points raised in this Report?

    When queried the Department replied that: “The department welcomes public scrutiny of the Australian aid program and thanks the Committee for its work. We are considering the report’s recommendations closely and will provide a detailed response in due course.” To who the response will be supplied to was not said.

    Yeah! Right! Don’t hold your breath.

    The graph above merely illustrates the similarity of both Labor and Liberal planning and the absolute fantasy of those who apparently think they can just allocate what they like. Should that ever happen the same people would be screaming about all the advantages they now enjoy that would disappear since there wouldn’t be enough funds to go around.

    The ‘warm and fuzzies’ won’t help the poor and suffering if aid money simply just gets distributed to those who have made an art form of siphoning aid money off into their own bank accounts. The introduction to the Senate Aid Report to PNG is telling in it’s factual detail.

    In addition, the problems of overpopulation in regions and countries that are currently increasing to the point they will not be able to feed themselves will only exacerbate the future aid dilemma. One of those regions is the Pacific and most importantly PNG.

    The expression ‘Do more with less’ is sounding like a good mantra to start chanting.

    Hello…Is anyone listening?

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