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  1. Ghandi Katao
    Ghandi Katao June 9, 2016 at 2:47 pm

    This is a very important discussion and is helpful for women folks in PNG. Man resorting to any form of violence even to serve good course on this planet(earth) is a crime against humanity and PNG is no exception. Gender based violence in this country is rampant and has been an hindering factor on development in PNG as far as both men and women are concerned. But in a country like PNG where 80% of its societies are rural, male dominated and where some GBV are culturally accepted norm of resolving issues its pretty difficult and challenging in designing a better policy approach. In this decade this issues/crime must not be treated as a policing or social welfare matter rather, it has to be seen as an development issue and addressed at that level. As such is it is encouraging to see development partners, government and private institutions engaging in this discussion. A challenge here would how to get it down to the rural and settlements suburbs where there is frequent happenings of GBV to an extent that has now become a norm and accepted by women folks. A better approach and as indicated in your discussions is “engagement of all stakeholders in a coordinated effort would achieve some results”.

    Ghandi Katao
    Second Secretary to
    Minister Hon. Tobias Kulang, MP
    Minister for Tourism, Arts & Culture

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