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  1. Nic Maclellan
    Nic Maclellan November 28, 2014 at 1:22 pm

    In December 2012, before his party won government, Environment Minister Greg Hunt had already written off the Green Climate Fund: “This is not a fund which we support. We have no control over where the money goes, no control over how it’s used, no control over how much we pay and this is something which we clearly, simply, categorically reject.”

    At the time, international observers were astounded by the chutzpah of this statement. Australia had been central in the process to create the fund, with AusAID’s then Deputy Director-General Ewen McDonald appointed co-chair of the Green Climate Fund Board for the first year of its operations. Australian officials had played a crucial role in determining the Fund’s mandate, operations and policies.

    Climate finance will be a central pillar of any deal in Paris in 2015, so there’s a need for real transparency from DFAT about what climate funding it currently contributes, and what adaptation outcomes have been achieved by Australian investments in the World Bank Climate Investment Funds and a bilateral “climate” infrastructure projects (such as road building in Vanuatu).


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