Published on July 6, 2015

Phase 1 of the 2015 aid stakeholder survey now live

By Terence Wood, Jonathan Pryke and Camilla Burkot

We’ve just pressed send on the first phase of the 2015 aid stakeholder survey. Surveys have now been sent to over 150 senior executives from Australia’s development NGOs and contractors, and close to 100 in New Zealand. The surveys, tailored to the Australian and New Zealand aid programs and linked to each individual participant, will obtain feedback on the effectiveness of the respective programs and provide suggestions for their improvement. More details on the surveys, including copies of the questionnaires, are available here.

The second phase of the survey, which will be publicly available online for all to fill out, will be launched in early August. We’ll be keeping you posted on the progress of the survey over the coming month and will let you know when phase two is live. We look forward to your engagement in this important opportunity to provide feedback on the Australian and New Zealand aid programs.


Date downloaded: October 23, 2019