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  1. Walid Tamim
    Walid Tamim October 4, 2015 at 4:53 pm

    I am Walid Tamim, I used to work for ABC Australia for more then 7 years and now I have established a TV channel exclusive for children and teenagers in Afghanistan. I am sharing the brief note and would be pleased to be forwarded to the relevant department/person for expansion of this TV network across the country. Currently we are in Kabul and Mazar e Sharif:

    Aria TV in Brief:
    Afghanistan, for the first time in its history, has the opportunity to practice modern democracy. In lessons learned from developed countries, multi-media has been an important source of knowledge and education for the masses. The role of media in promoting democracy, educating people about their civic rights, encouraging people to participate in politics and civics, is always recognized.
    This has been experienced in Afghanistan in last ten years. Therefore, it is critical, at this point of Afghanistan’s history, to educate society, especially the young generation, about the positive changes democracy can have on society using the experiences of other countries.

    ARIA TV was launched as a channel exclusively for children and teenagers to educate them about their civic rights and to do a sort of behavior change. The target audience is preschoolers, school students, and out of school children. The principle of this channel is “Education through Entertainment.”
    ARIA TV focuses on democracy promotion and aims at the children and teenagers as a hope for the future. The TV programming is designed to achieve this as a main aim. (Visit:

    Objectives of ARIA TV are:
    • Teach civic responsibilities;
    • Teach social responsibilities (how contributing to keeping their communities clean, an education, respecting their parents and elders all make for a better society);
    • Teach the importance of a peaceful, democratic, and modern society;
    • Teach the dangers of terrorism and extremism;
    • Teach the danger of drugs;
    • Teach that their effective contribution and engagement to their communities can bring change to the lives of everyone;
    • To teach children’s rights, women’s rights, right to education, right to a peaceful life, and so on;
    • To change children and teenagers to a productive and better citizens; and
    • To encourage school attendance


    Dr. Walid Tamim (MD, PgD in Economics)
    President-Aria TV

    Wazir Mohammad Akbar Khan, Str. 15, Main Rd, House No. 835
    Cell: +93 7 96700898 (Afghanistan)


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