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  1. Tess Newton Cain
    Tess Newton Cain January 9, 2013 at 9:31 am

    This is an interesting post but I’m not sure why Vanuatu is missing from the table as the relevant information appears in the preceding text. I agree that there has been and continues to be tension between donor priorities and actual development needs in the recipient country, and this is not something specific to the health sector. It may well account at least in part to the large proportion of funding in the areas of prevention and public health – my (non-scientific) observations are that this has never been much of a focus for governments unless and until there is an ‘aid project’ to drive it. As for moving to budgetary support, that is a long and tricky road to navigate – issues of influence, whether in relation to what to do or how to do it, are the key.

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