Published on May 11, 2018

On the side of a volcano in Rabaul, PNG (Nomad Tales/Flickr/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Fortnightly links: aid data, donors and spending, how to rig an election, and more

By Terence Wood and Sachini Muller

The OECD has a detailed new report on how much aid donors give to civil society and what it’s spent on.

Jo Chandler’s beautiful reporting for The Monthly puts human faces on the sometimes dry topic of the resource curse in Papua New Guinea.

Continuing their tradition of clearly communicating the findings of robust evaluations, Oxfam UK have a handy summary¬†of what they learned about evaluating women’s empowerment projects through a meta-analysis.

DFAT have updated their high-level aid data (and in user friendly spreadsheets too!). Access it all here.

A fascinating podcast on how to rig an election, covering the types of electoral fraud and the logic underpinning it.

About the author/s

Terence Wood
Terence Wood is a Research Fellow at the Development Policy Centre. His research focuses on political governance in Western Melanesia, and Australian and New Zealand aid.

Sachini Muller
Sachini Muller was a Research Officer at the Development Policy Centre. She is currently completing a Master of Globalisation at ANU.


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