The PNG Economic Database is a project of the ANU-UPNG partnership through the Development Policy Centre of the ANU Crawford School of Public Policy and the Economics Division of the UPNG School of Business and Public Policy. We gratefully acknowledge funding from the PNGAus Partnership.

The PNG Economic Database was created by: Stephen Howes, Rohan Fox, Rubayat Chowdhury, Ephraim Feto, Lyanne Gewageu, Albert Prabhakar Gudapati, Maholopa Laveil, Kingtau Mambon, Luke McKenzie, Dek Sum and Sherman Surandiran.

If you use the PNG Economic Database, please use the following citation: ANU-UPNG Partnership (2021), PNG Economic Database 2021.1, Development Policy Centre, Crawford School of Public Policy, ANU, and Economics Division, School of Business and Public Policy, UPNG, https://devpolicy.org/pngeconomic/.

This version includes variables up to the following years:

  • Population – 2021
  • GDP (current and constant prices) – 2021 (up to 2018 from NSO; budget for 2019-21)
  • Commodities – 2020 (2020 data is provisional)
  • Employment – 2020 (except for public service, which is 2019)
  • Foreign exchange – 2021 (2022 reserves data is provisional; except for reserves as months of imports, which is 2019)
  • Balance of payments – 2020 (2021 data is not used because it is provisional and subject to large revisions)
  • Fiscal data – 2021
  • Monetary data – 2020 (CPI data for 2020 is available for the first three quarters only, the inputted figure is the arithmetic average of these)

If you have any queries, please send an email to devpolicy@anu.edu.au.

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