Compiling a dataset of election results for Papua New Guinea has not been an easy task. I am grateful to the following people for the help they have provided.

I am grateful to the Papua New Guinea Electoral Commission, Jon Fraenkel, Bill Standish, Ron May, John Burton and Nicole Haley for sharing data with me. I owe a particular debt of gratitude to Jon Fraenkel, both for providing so much of the underlying data that this dataset is based on, and for providing excellent advice on my analysis of the data. I am also grateful to David Hegarty for his advice. I am particularly grateful to the late Bill Standish for sharing so many of his insights with me over the years. I’m grateful to Colin Filer for his help identifying a problem in an earlier iteration of the database.

I’m very grateful to Ashlee Betteridge for her ability to weave website design wonders. I’m grateful to Tatia Currie, Wilma Gillies and Salwa Dastgeer for their research assistance. I am particularly grateful to Maholopa Laveil for his work and insights on the 2017 election.

I’m grateful to the Department of Pacific Affairs for early support for this work. I am particularly grateful to the Development Policy Centre for enthusiastic, ongoing support of the project.

The Development Policy Centre is supported by the Australian Government through the Papua New Guinea–Australia Partnership.

Terence Wood