Election results for all general elections since 1972 are available below. You can download the results as a PDF file or as a spreadsheets. Remember, the best place to start if you just want to explore election results is the Data Explorer. If you want to know about changes over time, or if you want to read analysis of electoral trends, have a look at the Electoral Trends page.

Please note, the election results on this website are not official election results. The results are for research only. If you want official election results, it is possible you may be able obtain them by contacting the PNG Electoral Commission or from the PNG Parliament.

Although we have taken all possible care in their compilation, we cannot guarantee that the results are free of errors. If you believe you have found an error in the data or have questions about the data, please email:

The election results downloads include important information about the data they contain. Please make sure you read this information before you make use of the data within the downloads.

If you wish to cite the election data, please cite them in the following way: Wood Terence, 2019. Papua New Guinea Election Results Database. Accessed online at:

PDF downloads

We recommend the PDF book if you are interested in electoral history, or if you simply require results for a particular electorate or a particular year. Unless you are conducting quantitative analysis, the PDF downloads are easier to use than the spreadsheets. We have excluded all results with known data issues from the PDF downloads.

Click here to download our PDF book of election results.

Excel downloads

Click here for a simple spreadsheet of results. This version of the results excludes all electorates where there were potential data issues. It also excludes more complicated results variables. Use this version until you are familiar with the data.

Click here for the full set of results. This version contains all the variables created in our work. Only use this version if you are familiar with the data and need to conduct complicated analysis.