Read “Introducing the PNG MP Database” by Stephen Howes and Thomas Wangi for an introduction to the Database.

Read “Fragmentation over the life of PNG’s current parliament” by Maholopa Laveil for analysis using the Database.


Watch this space for analysis of the eleventh parliament following the elections in June 2022.


The graphs and table below show how MPs have shifted over time in the tenth parliament (2017 to 2022). Data are shown for the following points of time:

  • Jul-17: General elections
  • Aug-17: first government formation
  • May-19: overthrow of O’Neill and election of Marape
  • Dec-20: VoNC in Marape
  • Feb-21: after the VoNC, which Marape survives
  • Current: for last update date, see the Data tab

The first table shows support for the government over time.

The second table shows the sizes of various parties over time.

The third table shows the distribution of MPs currently in Parliament by number of terms.