The mess that is DFAT’s aid website

By Stephen Howes
28 August 2014

A while ago, I complained that all the project pages had been taken down from DFAT’s aid website. Now some are back, but in a special archived section of the website. You can find some out-of-date PNG ones here (following a link to proposed expenditure for 2013-14!), but we couldn’t find any Indonesian ones anywhere, even out-of-date ones.

It’s a mess. Bits and pieces of the website are left lying around. Should the PNG homepage still be telling us about proposed expenditures for 2013-14? Is 2011-12 the best we can do for Pacific regional expenditures? The latest lot of ‘Results‘ for PNG are from 2012. Has nothing happened since? Indonesia gives ‘Commitments’ for 2012-13, but no idea of whether those long-expired commitments have been met or not: its latest ‘Results’ are for 2011-12.

My complaint used to be about a lack of transparency, but now it’s about a more fundamental lack of organisation.

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Stephen Howes
Stephen Howes is the Director of the Development Policy Centre and a Professor of Economics at the Crawford School.

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