You can use this website to get information about MPs in Papua New Guinea’s 11th parliament (following the July 2022 elections) and 10th parliament

All currently available data on the 11th parliament can be downloaded here.

Data on the 10th parliament can be downloaded here.

You can also use the below interactive data explorer to look at MP data for the 10th and 11th parliaments:

Note on MPs declared in 2022: All MPs have now been declared – except for one seat which was declared failed.

Sources for camps/government formation in 2022: All parties other than PNC now assumed to be in government.

Data on both the new (11th) and old (10th) Parliaments are available above. Use the labelled buttons to navigate between the different tables. The first three tabs relate to the 11th Parliament (2022-2027) elections. This information is presented by MP (“11th Plt – MPs”), by party (11th Plt – Parties”) and by summary graphs (“11th Plt – Summary”).The last three tabs relate to the 10th Parliament (2017-2022), and give end-of-term (June 2022) as well as historical information. Click on “6: June 2022” under “Time” to get end-of-term information, “All” to get all information, and otherwise click on one of the points of time shown. You can also download data on the 10th Parliament here.

Full names of political parties are given in the parties tables and abbreviations in the MP tables. To see which MPs belong to which party, use the MP tab.

If a seat is not occupied, the member name is given as ‘Vacant’. If a party has no members, it is included because at some point in the 10th or 11th Parliament (depending on the table) it had at least one member. The “Leader” column is only filled in if and once the Parliamentary leader has been declared elected. The number of terms includes the current Parliament.

An introduction to the database is available here. For more about the database, visit the About page. For variable definitions, see the list of variable definitions in the About page.

This is a product of the ANU-UPNG partnership, presented in the public interest, based on independent, non-partisan and non-political data gathering and analysis. This is not an official site, but we do our best to present reliable information.

Information about the 10th Parliament was last updated on 9 June 2022. Information about the 11the Parliamentary elections is being added as it becomes available.