About Aid Tracker

The Australian Aid Tracker is brought to you by the Development Policy Centre at The Australian National University

The Development Policy Centre (Devpol) is the leading source of independent analysis of the Australian aid program. We undertake independent research and promote practical initiatives to improve the effectiveness of Australian aid, to support the development of Papua New Guinea and the Pacific island region, and to contribute to better global development policy. Our discussion papers, policy briefs and reports make our research available for all. Our events are fora for the dissemination of findings and the exchange of information and ideas. The Devpolicy Blog is our platform for analysis, discussion and debate. We are based at Crawford School of Public Policy in the College of Asia and the Pacific at The Australian National University.

Our work on Australian aid is supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Harold Mitchell Foundation.



The Aid Tracker team

About the Aid Tracker

The Australian Aid Tracker was launched in January 2016. It aims to provide easy-to-access, clear information about the state of Australia’s aid efforts, for the media, decision-makers, the general public and other stakeholders. It forms part of the Development Policy Centre’s wider work looking at the effectiveness of Australian aid. The Aid Tracker is supported by funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and is based on Australian aid research supported by the Harold Mitchell Foundation and The Australian National University.

The Aid Tracker was created by Ashlee Betteridge and Terence Wood. Ashlee, Devpol’s Centre Manager, also maintained and updated the Aid Tracker till her departure in April 2021. We are very grateful to Ashlee for all her work on the Aid Tracker over the years.

The Aid Tracker is updated at regular intervals when new data is made available, which is usually in line with the budget cycle, or OECD DAC data releases.

We welcome your feedback, questions and suggestions. Contact devpolicy@anu.edu.au.

For journalists and others

All information on the Aid Tracker is available to be shared and used to support the informed coverage of Australian aid. Our charts are available to be embedded directly from Datawrapper or Tableau Public, or the underlying data is available for download to create visualisations and for other uses.

How to use Datawrapper charts

Underneath each Datawrapper chart on the site is a link to ‘Get the data’: by clicking it, you can download a spreadsheet of the data that is used in the chart. If you’d like to directly re-embed any of the Datawrapper charts on your own website, send an email to devpolicy@anu.edu.au clearly outlining which charts you would like to embed, and we can send you the code.

How to use Tableau Public visualisations

For some visualisations on the aid tracker, we have used Tableau Public. If you would like to share a Tableau Public visualisation on your site, scroll to the bottom of the vis, and click on the ‘share’ button next to the Tableau logo. There you will find the embed code, or a direct sharing link. If you click on the ‘download’ button, you will be able to download a spreadsheet of the underlying data.

When possible, we’d appreciate credit or a return link to the Development Policy Centre or the Aid Tracker. Do also note that as new data becomes available, we will be updating the visualisations, which will also update them wherever else they are directly embedded (so if you are seeking something static, it may be best to download the data and create your own vis). If you have any questions about the data or need assistance on interpretation, please feel free to contact us.

Data sources

You can find full details of the data sources used on each page of the Aid Tracker here.

Image sources

Page banner images and front page images used under Creative Commons licenses from the DFAT Australian Aid Flickr account, World Bank Flickr, UN Photo Flickr, GPE Flickr, and Asian Development Bank Flickr.


For any questions or issues with the Australian Aid Tracker website, contact us at devpolicy@anu.edu.au. To find out more about the Development Policy Centre, visit devpolicy.anu.edu.au.

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