Electorate maps

In the map below, you can see the boundaries of both Provincial (shaded orange) and Open (shaded blue) electorates in PNG (zoom in to see the Open electorates). You can also download a printable, PDF version of the provincial map here, and a map of Open electorates here.

To see the map full screen click here.

Map compiled by ANU CartoGIS.


Our Open electorate maps now incorporate the redistricting that occurred before the 2022 general election. If you want a map of the old, pre-2022, electorates click here.

Our maps are based on PNG National Mapping Bureau province and district boundaries. They are not official electorate maps. Map boundaries differ between different map sets in PNG. In instances, boundaries are disputed. Our maps represent electorate boundaries as carefully as possible. You should contact the Papua New Guinea Electoral Commission for official advice.

Our maps are not maps of international borders. International borders should not be inferred from them.