Paul Flanagan

Paul Flanagan

Paul Flanagan has a longstanding interest in public policy issues in Australia, PNG and more broadly. His thirty-five-year public service career was evenly shared between Treasury/Finance and AusAID. He headed up Treasury’s International Finance and Development Division from 2008-2011 before being seconded to a senior advisor position in the PNG Treasury until August 2013. He is Director of Indo-Pacific Public Policy and Economics, a leading commentator on economic developments in PNG, and a frequent contributor to the Devpolicy Blog.


In Brief

The way we were: mean and meaner still

One practical way to think about how generous we are as a nation to the world’s poor is to compare it to the cost of…

PNG 2016 Budget Strategy

PNG’s medium-term budget strategy was updated yesterday through the release of the 2016 Budget Strategy [pdf]. The strategy sends out all the right messages. It responds to recent…

PNG’s 2014 Final Budget Outcome – medium-term fiscal strategy off-track

The 2014 Final Budget Outcome for PNG, officially released in April, confirms that its medium-term fiscal strategy is off-track. Indeed, its real 2014 budget deficit…