PNG Databases

The PNG Budget Database is an Excel spreadsheet which compiles information from PNG national government budgets from 1989 to 2022. It is designed to be used by any member of the public, government, NGO, media or researcher for their own analysis and comparisons over time. The database has been compiled to be in the same format as the original budget documents and includes information about revenue, expenditure, GDP, inflation, finance and debt from Volume 1 of successive budgets. It is updated twice yearly, when the Final Budget Outcome is released and at budget time.

The PNG Elections Database is an interactive website created by the Development Policy Centre. It gathers all available information on election results in Papua New Guinea since Independence, for both Provincial and Open electorates and includes an interactive tool for exploration, analysis about trends, and datasets for download and further research.

The PNG MP Database complements the PNG Elections Database by collecting information on what MPs do once elected. Current data is for the Tenth Parliament (2017–2022), but further data will be added through the life of the next parliament and beyond.

The PNG Economic Database contains economic data for PNG back to independence, with 175 series.

The PNG databases have been created under the ANU-UPNG partnership, an initiative of the PNG-Australia Partnership, funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.