Pacific stories: Devpolicy Blog posts in 2016-18

By Matthew Dornan and Tess Newton Cain (eds)

June 2018

This collection of Pacific Stories brings together DevpolicyBlog posts on the Pacific and Papua New Guinea from mid-2016 to early 2018. It is the third edition of Pacific Stories that we’ve compiled, with earlier iterations incorporating blog posts from 2013 to 2015.

In putting together this publication, we hope to provide readers with a sample of Pacific-focused commentary featured by the Devpolicy Blog: commentary that canvasses development-related issues ranging from women’s participation in politics to the economic impacts of seasonal worker programs. Much of this commentary comes from the region. In this volume, you’ll see both interviews with and articles by prominent Pacific islanders, including Colin Tukuitonga, Director-General of the Pacific Community, Beatrice Mahuru, CEO of the Digicel Foundation, and Transform Aqorau, the former head of the Parties to the Nauru Agreement Secretariat.

In addition to providing a taste of Pacific-focused commentary on the Devpolicy Blog, we also hope that this volume will serve as an educational resource for the region.


Dornan, M. & Newton Cain, T. 2018, ‘Pacific stories: Devpolicy Blog posts in 2016-18’, Report, Development Policy Centre, Crawford School of Public Policy, Australian National University.

Karen Downing

Karen Downing is Research Communications Coordinator at the Development Policy Centre.