Bill Gates’ investment manifesto

Wired coverWired magazine handed over its latest edition, which was released in the US this week (Australian audiences will have to wait a little longer to get their hands on an issue), to guest editor Bill Gates who has helped curate an issue that is catnip for development junkies. Articles available now online include an interview to Melinda Gates and Paul Farmer talking about global health, the importance of RCTs in solving social problems, and five maps that could help solve some of the world’s most daunting problems. It also showcases some of the most inspiring technological projects in development, and has a section (not available online) where Gates dreamed up four inventions that do not exist yet, which were then presented to design firms to build prototypes.

And, best of all, Gates has distilled his vision for the Gates Foundation, and development more broadly, in the most accessible way I have seen to date. With an ethos driven by a steadfast belief in innovation, Gates discusses his approach of ‘catalytic philanthropy’ (investing for big returns) and how the rest of us can help buy into his vision to improve our world.

Here’s Gates talking, with another famous Bill, on the power of technology and innovation (more videos of the two of them are available here):

This edition of Wired can’t land in Australia soon enough.

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Jonathan Pryke

Jonathan Pryke worked at the Development Policy Centre from 2011, and left in mid-2015 to join the Lowy Institute, where he is now Director of the Pacific Islands Program. He has a Master of Public Policy/Master of Diplomacy from Crawford School of Public Policy and the College of Diplomacy, ANU.

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