2023 Australasian AID Conference

2023 Australasian Aid Conference

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The 2023 Australasian AID Conference (AAC2023) will be held on 5–7 December at the Australian National University, in partnership with The Asia Foundation.

The aim of AAC2023 is to bring together researchers from across Australia, the Pacific, Asia and beyond who are working on aid and international development policy (the AID in the conference acronym) to share insights, promote collaboration, and support development within the research community. With more than 600 people attending in 2022, the AAC has established itself as Australia’s premier aid and development conference.

AAC2023 will be held at the Crawford School of Public Policy, Australian National University, Canberra. The main emphasis of the conference is on in-person attendance and presentations, with all the opportunities for interaction and networking thereby afforded. It will also offer livestreaming via Youtube of selected sessions.

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