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  1. Peter Akori
    Peter Akori September 20, 2014 at 4:22 pm

    I like to comment Tess on giving Papua New Guineans an opportunity to air their views on the relationship between Australia in many aspects.
    It seems government to government is working, there is dialogue between both countries however the ordinary people of both countries do not seem to know each other well.

    Amanda’s honest expression of what she thinks about that relationship is commendable having coming from both backgrounds.

    From my own experiences down under, I find it difficult to come to terms with when I said I am from PNG and the wantok (the Australian friend) doesn’t know a thing about where PNG is! This is ridiculous because at least on average, a PNGan knows a thing or two about Australia and yet the Australians seem ignorant about PNG, which is just above them in the north! I think Australian schools should put more emphasis on PNG in geography lessons if they want to call us neighbours. PNG is just less than 3 or so hours from Cairns or Brisbane!

    The positive note on this relationship at the moment is the endless trips to and from both countries in sports related travels. Other groups like womens’ fellowships, youth groups, church groups and NGOs need to bring both countries together by having exchange arrangements to really filter into both countries to show that we are close friends!

    Amanda’s Stella is a positive way to bridge the gap between both genders in PNG and Australia! To be honest I saw Stella on bookshelves and adverts but have no clue what it was until now. I will have to purchase one and read and am sure my three daughters will want to read it as we are all bookworms. I want my daughters to be someone rather than someone’s tool and Stella should give them that confidence.

    Thank you Amanda for being honest about your country PNG, unlike others who pretend to be someone else rather than being frank about their nationality.

    1. Tess Newton Cain
      Tess Newton Cain September 22, 2014 at 6:19 am

      Peter, thank for your response and I couldn’t agree more about your concerns regarding the need to improve people to people links between PNG and Australia. Pacific Conversations was introduced to the Devpolicy blog as a way of getting Pacific voices onto a platform that has a lot of Australian readers and I hope others will, like you, be looking out for Stella to buy and enjoy. I am also involved in the Australia-Papua New Guinea Network – you can find out more about that here: http://auspng.lowyinstitute.org/

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