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  1. Edith Namba
    Edith Namba October 31, 2016 at 3:00 pm

    Am so pleased to read about what you are doing in terms of dealing with gender based violence.
    Am a female nurse in Western Highlands Provincial hospital as a Family support center clinical supervisor.We are also dealing with this issue and we are treating ,providing counselling and doing referral of survivors of GBV .
    Every day we are receiving survivors of physical and sexual violence.Every day ,every where ,there is violence taking place whether its in a home,workplace or in town.Our female staff sometimes get sick leave and miss work because of intimate partner violence especially physical assault which affects our work roster for providing three shifts in a day.The statistics that we have at the center are the reported cases but the unreported cases we don’t know. There fore ,its a big issue in the country and I agree that our Government has put a lot of effort in making laws and policies to address and reduce violence in the country.

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