3MAP: ideas for improving Australian aid and development policy

2017 AAC
2017 AAC
Written by Sachini Muller

3MAP: the Three-Minute Aid Pitch will take place for the second time at the fifth annual Australasian Aid Conference (AAC) on February 13 and 14, 2018, following its great success at the 2017 AAC.

3MAP was first introduced at the 2017 AAC, and is an interactive plenary session to discuss ideas for improving Australian aid and international development policy. Speakers will present and discuss their proposals for no more than 3 minutes each, followed by rapid-fire audience reaction, and a vote. Last year, we had a host of great ideas brilliantly communicated, ranging from better aid PR to a new aid agency to expanded Pacific labour mobility — check out the video from the 2017 AAC here.

We’re looking for keen minds with a great idea for improving Australian aid and international development policy. If this is you and you’re interested in promoting your idea, this is an opportunity to present your idea to an audience of researchers and practitioners from around Australia and the region. Please submit a short paragraph outlining your pitch to devpolicy@anu.edu.au (with “3MAP” in the subject line) no later than Friday December 22. The authors of the top 10 most promising submissions will be invited to pitch their ideas at the 2018 AAC.

(Please note that if you are selected, your registration fee will be waived, but you will be required to register for and attend the conference; registration details can be found here.)

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Sachini Muller

Sachini Muller was a Research Officer at the Development Policy Centre. She is currently completing a Master of Globalisation at ANU.

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