Phillip Passmore: not your ordinary pharmacist

phillip-with-hmong-refugees-in-ban-vinai-camp-thailand188When major disasters strike in developing countries, donated goods are never far behind. But too often they are unneeded, unusable or provided far in excess of requirements. Pharmacist Phillip Passmore played a central role in helping Aceh’s provincial health department to manage medical supplies donated in the aftermath of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, weeding out the damaged, expired and excess ones, organising storage of the rest, and at the same time working with local counterparts to rebuild the province’s own capacity to manage medical supplies.

This was just one episode in the eventful and varied career of the West Australian, who has taken his unique blend of skills to refugee camps in Thailand, universities in Vietnam and more.

Read the full profile of Phillip Passmore’s work, written by Robin Davies, here.


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Ashlee Betteridge

Ashlee Betteridge is the Manager at the Development Policy Centre. She was previously a Research Officer at the centre from 2013-2017. A former journalist, she holds a Master of Public Policy (Development Policy) from ANU and has development experience in Indonesia and Timor-Leste.

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