Published on April 20, 2016

A big week for the ANU-UPNG partnership

By Rohan Fox

The past week was a particularly busy one for the ANU-UPNG partnership, with the University of Papua New Guinea hosting diplomatic visits, workshops, guest lectures as well as the annual economics student-lecturer forum.

His Excellency Bruce Davis, Australia’s High Commissioner to Papua New Guinea, visited UPNG meeting staff from the School of Business and Public Policy and their Australian counterparts from ANU, including the Vice-Chancellor Albert Mellam, Dean of the School of Business Lekshmi Pillai and Director of the Development Policy Centre at ANU, Stephen Howes.


Prof. Lekshmi Pillai, Prof. Stephen Howes, Dr. Manoj Pandey (ANU) meet with High Commissioner Bruce Davis.

Three ANU academics, Colin Wiltshire, Tara Davda, and Grant Walton, carried out a week of collaborative research, workshops and a guest lecture, with UPNG academics Denise Lokinap and Peter Kanaparo from the School of Business and Public Policy. The combined team travelled together to Central Province to conduct the pilot stage of a qualitative study into education and health service provision. With the pilot fieldwork completed successfully the team is now planning to visit two further provinces in the coming months.


Dr Grant Walton lectures to public policy students


Colin Wiltshire and Denise Lokinap talk with school teachers in Abau, Central Province

The Economics Students Society held its annual student-lecturer forum for 2016. The event was attended by economics students from all year levels and allowed for students to speak with lecturers in a convivial environment. The event was a success with discussions lasting till 10pm when the event finished. The forum was a good way for students and lecturers to converse in an environment outside the normal academic routine, and with faculty levels the strongest they have been for a number of years, it showcased the increasing sense of camaraderie and high morale felt within the division of economics after several years of struggling to fill lecturing roles.


Second year students and Economics division lecturers.


Kelly Samof, Jamie Mazi and Martha Waim take a ‘selfie’ with Dr. Manoj Pandey.

The Crawford ANU – SBPP UPNG partnership is funded under the Pacific Leadership Governance Precinct by the Australian aid program. Rohan Fox is the Partnership Coordinator.


About the author/s

Rohan Fox
Rohan Fox is a Research Officer at the Development Policy Centre and holds a Masters in International & Development Economics from ANU. He was formerly a lecturer in economics at the University of Papua New Guinea.


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