Jonathan Pryke

Jonathan Pryke worked at the Development Policy Centre from 2011, and left in mid-2015 to join the Lowy Institute, where he is now Director of the Pacific Islands Program. He has a Master of Public Policy/Master of Diplomacy from Crawford School of Public Policy and the College of Diplomacy, ANU.

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  • Poor Road Condition is part of Life in PNG

    PNG is almost 40 years old. Our road and bridge infrastructure have collapsed as the result of (1) lack of repair over the years (2) Changes in Climate (3) Failure of successive Government at the Provincial and National Level (4) PNG did not have the capacity and capabilities to build roads and bridges that can endure weather and change on soil.

    I would like to stress that it’s really the failure of successive government to employ/engage the (1) right contractor (2) right technology (3) tools and equipments, to design and develop roads and bridges that are durable.

    PNG let us be patient and allow the government to do what they do best for the country. It might take 5 to 10 years to bring all of the road conditions to the required standard.

    My Big Thank to O’Neil-Dion Government,

    God Bless

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