Natasha Turia

Natasha Turia is a development practitioner and Papua New Guinean PhD candidate at the Department of Pacific Affairs, Australian National University.

Akka Rimon

Akka Rimon is a PhD candidate with the School of Regulation and Global Governance (RegNet), Australian National University.

Michael Kabuni

Michael Kabuni is a PhD candidate at the Australian National University.

Jope Tarai

Jope Tarai is an indigenous Pacific scholar and PhD student at the Australian National University.


  • The Australian government and the Pacific Island Leaders should consider dialogue with the Pacific Island Council Queensland (PICQ) to identify what the diasporas can assist in. Diaspora communities are important because they will have on the ground knowledge and experience in Australia on things like where to find jobs, and what not. Just a suggestion.

  • The proposed PMI is a good approach in allocating the visa (PEV) to the Pacific Island countries. One of the requirement of the PEV is that the applicant (or the spouse) must have a secure formal ongoing job in Australia. In my view, this will be a challenge. Need to address this and the allocation issue holistically.

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