Stephen Howes

Stephen Howes is Director of the Development Policy Centre and Professor of Economics at the Crawford School of Public Policy at The Australian National University.

Ema Vueti

Ema Vueti is the President of the Pacific Islands Council of Queensland. She has extensive experience in consulting, advocacy and research with Pacific communities.


    • Hi Theresa,

      The bill was listed for consideration by the Australian Senate last week, but never made it to the floor. It is now listed for this week, but for Thursday, the very last day of the session. That’s not a good sign.

      There is one positive thing to report. Senator David Pocock (Independent, ACT) has moved an amendmentwhich would mean that the lottery which would run the PEV cannot be used for humanitarian (refugee) visas. The Greens have made it clear that this is a requirement for them to support the bill. So Pocock’s amendment should make the PEV legislation acceptable to the Greens as well as Pocock. If the Jacqui Lambie Network also supported the Bill, then that would give the numbers to pass the Bill even without Coalition support.

  • Come on Aussie come on … give it a go … New Zealand has shown it can be done and benefits all … now is the time to show the true Vuvale Partnership you all been preaching …

  • Looking forward for P.E.V and hopefully it gets the approval from the Senate and we can apply.

    Hope it happens

  • 🤞Let’s hope and pray for the end of July. Because it has to come as a give and take for both Australia and its Pacific neighbor. It may have Pros and Cons which needs careful reconsideration. Looking forward 👌 Thank tumas for this article 🙏

  • Really looking forward to the passing of this bill in the Australian senate. With the youth bulge in Papua New Guinea and the Pacific it is a great opportunity to be permanent residents of Australia and contributing to our home countries in terms of remittances. Can’t wait to apply for the lottery.

  • This will benefit both sides not only for the Pacific Islanders but to the Australian economic as well.

  • I Joyce from PNG, I think this the great opportunity for me to work and live in Australia … I’m in Bowen Queensland working in Rugby Farm … Hired by Rugby Farm under permanent employment 2 years visa … I’m very interested to apply for PR through Pacific Engagement visa so please may I have the link or how can I can I apply??

  • The proposed PEV Bill must be endorsed and passed by both side of the Australian Parliament if Australia’s commitment in supporting its Pacific neighbors is to be seen as more meaningful and in the spirit of mutual benefit. PEV would be the first ever visa category that would give greater opportunity and easy access for the Pacific Islanders, especially those who are less represented under PALM visa and with larger population to live and work in Australian . If the Visa application by Lottery works in New Zeeland, it would definitely work in Australia. Why not try it out and see if it works well or not? I therefore fully support and urge for the PEV Bill to be passed.

  • The concept is a step in the right direction, mutually beneficial to both Australia and the Pacific, and will greatly enhance Australia’s ongoing commitment to the Pacific. Hoping for the best to happen, soon. tenk yu

  • Indeed very disappointing if this Pacific diaspora flow does not eventuate as we are all hoping for something to hold on to or hope for as we navigate the Australian migration process.

    As a Pacific Labour Scheme worker, I for one would like to have an alternative … a plan A and a plan B … when it comes to my visa pathways towards a PR.

    Hoping for the best to eventuate through these Senate proceedings … vinaka

  • Now to know that PEV is yet to be passed at the Senate; may be it is not a good sign for us Pacific Island countries eligible for the PEV but we are hoping for the best!

    • Still yet to be passed.
      Please think of families that are away from each other for more than a year.
      Pacific islanders are hard working people, if given the opportunity to reunite and stay with their loved ones, while working, will also boost each individual.
      These will be a great opportunity for some families that have kids.
      A family that stays together prays together and works together 😀

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