Stephen Howes

Stephen Howes is Director of the Development Policy Centre and Professor of Economics at the Crawford School of Public Policy at The Australian National University.


    • Hi, we put an update up last week: here. However, it is already out of date. The PEV legislation was debated today (Monday) in the Senate. You can read the Hansard here. The Greens supported the PEV but (i) wanted an amendment to make it illegal for Australia’s migration regime to discriminate on the basis of disability, (ii) called for a cessation to new oil, gas and coal projects, and (iii) wanted an amendment to prevent a lottery being used to select refugees. The Coalition reiterated their opposition to the PEV on the basis of its reliance on a lottery. Jacquie Lambert was ambivalent on the lottery, but supported an annual cap of more than 3,000. The second reading debate took up much of the morning, and was then adjourned, I think to Wednesday.

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