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  1. John Domyal
    John Domyal July 12, 2016 at 3:39 pm

    Thanks Richard for the good research on the gender violence related to alcohol consumptions in Bougainville.

    There are other gender violence studies that also identified others causes of gender violence between marriages, families and in societies as well that provides extent of harm to individuals, families and societies which impacts development.

    How to address the different factors contributing to gender violence, especially violence against mothers, wives and daughters does not require a single method of remedy. Taking legislative reforms to put in place laws to prosecute perpetrators and victims of gender violence would not improve the situation and in fact not a solution to the problem.

    To find solution to gender violence is more than institutional and legislative reforms in the society. Concrete solution is explored when the country’s economic and development capacity is able to support and sustain measures to reach real solutions to gender violence.

    For example, the above study identified alcohol as related to gender violence, however this could be the secondary cause, the primary factor would be poverty and to improve it will depend on Bougainville’s economy and development phase. So in real world, solution to gender violence is still a long way away.

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