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  1. Randy
    Randy May 25, 2016 at 6:59 pm

    How predictable this is when knowing the truth behind the “aid”. My expat friends and I, living in Indonesia, have discussed “aid” at length and have come to the conclusion that it is simply money transfers between entities. (Some say criminal types.)

    Of course Education is the first to be cut. If you educate the people they will see that corruption is taking money from them. If they are healthy they will be able to see and hear clearly that the aid that should go to them is going in someone’s pocket. And, if they have good food, they will live long enough to change the society and be self-sustaining, which is definitely not good for getting more “aid” monies.

    As an engineering person, I see the construction is sub-par and expensive. In reality, a project is an excuse to transfer monies. Health professionals cannot understand why so much is spent and so little is being done in health care or health education. In the education sector, we have seen that there is no real education of students, everyone passes so that the monies can be issued. My friendly group has investigated many cases and found that only 40% of the “aid” gets to the designated project. 60% is spent in overhead. In the U.S., we have two organizations that have those kind of numbers; one is the mafia, with their money laundering business, and the other is the federal government, whose business is spending the taxpayers hard earned money. Which one of these does AusAid fall under?

    Faith-based groups and private investors get more done with less money by having less government involvement. The boots-on-the-ground people work hand in hand with those who want better lives. If there was more transparency in government and fiscal responsibility to the taxpayers (investors), the world would change in a very short time.

  2. Gerard Saleu
    Gerard Saleu May 3, 2016 at 10:51 am

    Its a pity health and education must be subjected to a reduced budget not only from the Australian AIDE but also internally where the PNG Government had decided to cut K 50 million from the churches medical sector in 2016. This is despite PNG’s global standing on maternal mortality at 6th worst in the world. An established system of 24 hours lighting system in labor ward delivery rooms across the country would make so much a difference in the periods between child birth and perinatal period in the following 6 weeks.

    Solar energy for example, is an increasingly favored technology that is reliable, affordable, constant and user friendly that is geographically fragmented by deep gorges, high mountains, fast flowing rivers and yet the PNG Government has completely ignored basic strategies to improve health and community standard of indigenous communities.

    From a layman’s perception, while we appreciate Australian AIDE to improve governance in PNG, it would be of interest to genuine PNG citizens that Australian AIDE as well as from other donor countries are temporarily swayed to allow the PNG government to clean up its attitude rather than continually play the ‘naughty child’s’ mentality through receiving from both the right and the left hand and still isn’t satisfied while others are kept patiently standing in line awaiting a share they too must benefit from the Australian tax payers.

    Papua New Guinea citizens must genuinely earn from sweat and tears toiling the land than sitting around waiting for free hand outs, nothing falls freely from the sky since the time of Mana.

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