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  1. Matt Morris
    Matt Morris May 12, 2015 at 12:40 pm

    It looks like my call that ‘it looks likely that the UK will have a weak, coalition government’ was wrong: such are the pitfalls of punditry and listening to pollsters!

    The results: Conservatives won 331 seats and a slim majority; SNP had a virtual clean sweep in Scotland; Labour and the Lib Dems were devastated; and right-wing UKIP won just one seat.

    After the elections, Radio Australia asked me whether the new UK government will target foreign aid in the same way the Abbott government has done in Australia. As explained in my blog, I don’t think this is likely:

    – the UK’s 0.7% of GNI aid target is enshrined in law;
    – the Conservatives have made a strong case for aid and have ownership of DFID’s success; and
    – politically, they only have a narrow majority and other challenges to deal with (EU, Scotland).

    Yesterday, David Cameron announced his new Cabinet: retaining Justine Greening as Secretary of State for International Development. I think this is a good move and one that will provide continuity for the delivery of the UK’s (GBP12.6bn, approx. AUD25bn) aid program.

    The transition was less smooth for DFID’s junior minister. If you had a bad day yesterday, spare a thought for this guy

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