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  1. Michelle Rooney
    Michelle Rooney March 10, 2016 at 3:20 pm

    Thank you Logea for this important article. I agree that domestic funding is not enough and because of the lack of political commitment it is likely that this will continue to be limited. Also, funding from international partners is important but often targeted towards small – good – projects and with unpredictable funding. When project funding is cut the excellent services decline. These funding limitations also make it hard for some important lessons at project or community levels to be up-scaled into a national policy. These also mean communities cannot rely on large scale state funded programmes – at least not at this stage. I wonder if there are strong social work, mental health, and community support programmes in place in PNG universities and training institutions to train a cadre of young Papua New Guineans to work as professionals and engage in this policy space in the future?

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