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  1. Tess Newton Cain
    Tess Newton Cain March 10, 2015 at 10:32 am

    Thanks for this post and these inputs which are very valuable. The superannuation issue is an interesting one. I agree that paying superannuation in Australia is bizarre and should be discontinued. But there is a related issue which is that people working overseas are not paying into national provident funds in their home countries and there would be good reasons to facilitate that. In Vanuatu people can access their VNPF accrued funds on reaching the age of 55 and, possibly more significantly, they can access one-third of accrued amounts prior to that for home improvements or to secure a business investment loan. Whether those who are taking part in seasonal work overseas are doing so as their first experience of formal employment or having left a job they already have (not uncommon) there is benefit in starting/maintaining the contributions.

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