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APTC’s labour mobility mandate: 16 years on

The Australia Pacific Training Coalition (formerly College) was announced in 2005 by then Prime Minister John Howard. Facing pressure from Pacific island governments at the Port Moresby Pacific Islands Forum leaders meeting to introduce a seasonal worker program, Howard instead offered that...

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The Grand Bargain 2.0: getting the incentives right for humanitarian reform

The dust has settled on another global humanitarian reform process, the Grand Bargain 2.0 (GB 2.0). Five years after the World Humanitarian Summit initiated the first Grand Bargain in 2016, the humanitarian sector has recently concluded a much tighter and more focused dialogue to establish an...

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Useful outsiders – how can external actors support authentic locally led development?

The COVID-19 pandemic and its associated border closures have thrown the international development industry into turmoil. An industry conventionally reliant on ‘fly-in fly-out’ consultants has had to face a reckoning in terms of the sustainability of its modus operandi. Central to this reckoning is...