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Increasing the social impact of our ODA for the Australian community

It is accepted development best practice to procure goods and services locally wherever possible in order to maximise the benefit of official development assistance (ODA) for the overseas communities in which we operate. But why limit social impact to communities overseas? ODA offers opportunities...

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ODA funding for gender equality is on the rise, but is it enough?

2019 was a year for gender equality and women’s empowerment on the global development agenda. International events such as Women Deliver 2019 resulted in unprecedented commitments to women’s empowerment. In June 2019, the G20 included a strong commitment to gender equality in their G20 Osaka...

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A feminist foreign policy for Australia: establishing Australia as a global leader on gender equality

The era of US hegemony is fading. New blocs are emerging, and China has grown to become a technological and economic powerhouse, exerting its new influence through trade, military might and – more recently – as a growing player in international development. COVID-19 has the potential to tip this...