Robin Davies

Robin Davies is the new Head of the new Indo-Pacific Centre for Health Security, the establishment of which was announced by the Foreign Minister Julie Bishop over the weekend. Robin, after a distinguished career at AusAID of almost 20 years, was appointed Associate Director of the Development Policy Centre in December 2012, and was made an Honorary Professorial Fellow of ANU in 2014. In his five years of association with the Centre, he made an immense contribution, including through the book he edited on the future of the World Bank, and his research on the future of aid in general. He was also one of our most popular bloggers, and his post “Felled before forty”, written at the time of AusAID’s abolition in 2013, is one of our all-time most popular blogs. His aid profiles and his posts commemorating the 2004 Boxing Day Aceh Tsunami, where he was a first responder, are also must-reads.

It is often said that there should be more interchange between the public sector and the universities. Robin’s case is one of the few examples of this actually occurring. We will miss him greatly at Devpolicy, but we know the aid program will benefit from his return. We thank him for all his contributions, wish him all the best with this next stage of his career, and look forward to future collaboration.

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Stephen Howes

Stephen Howes is the Director of the Development Policy Centre and a Professor of Economics at the Crawford School.


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